2018 Web Trends

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Are you ready for 2018?

We know that you have nothing better to do than read up on all of the latest web design trends, learn all of the new coding languages and understand the finite details of your website analytics… so we will break it down for you!

Card Layouts

Thank Pinterest for impacting the entire web design world. One thing we will continue to see is the evolution of card design and entire websites built on card layouts instead of navigation. Cards are actually replacing navigation…

Creative Images and Video combinations

Images are really defining who we are, GoPro cameras on everything means that the bar has been raised on what constitutes a ‘good image’. A great example is here. They start with a great video and then moves to images.

HTTPS – this is the new standard

Have you converted your site from http to https? If you have not completed this yet, GET ON IT. Not only are you running the risk of being delisted from Google, you are telling your clients that you do not care about the security of their contact information

Hamburger Menu

Confession, we have been waiting for this to become a recognized standard. Instead of having a normal menu on your site, we are now moving towards the ability of a simple hamburger menu that hides a full menu underneath.

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